New Bicycle App Delivery Service To Hit South Africa!

Dash Deliveries has just been launched in South Africa… and at R7 a kilometre, it’s 50% cheaper than every other delivery service in the country!

Dash Deliveries is a new way to move your parcels (anything from important documents to a pharmacy haul ) from A to B with zero-emission.

The catch? There is no catch, just riders with two pedals now available to deliver your parcels in cities around South Africa. Dash Deliveries serves as an App delivery service empowering riders to earn as they ride. Aside from this innovative and cost-effective business opportunity for riders, the end-user can enjoy a delivery service from as little as R7 per kilometre, almost 50% cheaper than the usual delivery fee, minus the long queues!

With petrol prices constantly on the rise and traffic a nightmare in most metropolitan areas, Dash Deliveries will serve as a simple and efficient solution.

The brainchild of Dash Deliveries Marvin Muller was inspired to launch the delivery service after waiting hours for a client delivery collection.

“We saw a gap in the market for a quick and efficient delivery service that is not only competitive but also environmentally friendly.”

Dash Deliveries allows businesses to reduce carbon emissions with its eco-friendly pedalling concept.

“We are an innovative courier company with a mission to create job opportunities while being mindful of playing our part in taking care of the environment,” explains Muller.

Anything needed to be delivered; Dash Deliveries will either get it to you or move it for you.

Co-Founder Caleb Thring adds, “we don’t just cycle through your delivery, but pedal beyond your expectations.”

Download now and explore the simple possibilities of bicycle delivery service at a click of a button. Visit for more information!

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