About Us

New eco-friendly delivery service in town!

Dash Deliveries, currently operating nationwide, will help you move your parcels safely within a 20km radius with zero carbon emission.

The catch? there is no catch, just riders on bicycles, bypassing traffic to get your parcels to their intended destination in quick time.

By downloading the Dash Deliveries app on Google Playstore, customers will be able to request a parcel collection and a rider in the area will respond.

Once the parcel is picked up it will be delivered for as little as R7 per kilometre, almost 50% cheaper than the usual delivery fee and minus the long queues.

Anything needed to be delivered, Dash Deliveries will either get it to you or move it for you.

The service is the brainchild of Empangeni resident, Marvin Muller who was inspired by his own experience with a delivery collection.

‘I started up an IT company in Johannesburg and I was waiting on a delivery from a supplier which was quite urgent, but they could not get it to me on the same day.‘ So I started thinking, what would be a more efficient way for inner city delivery, and that is how Dash was born,’ said Muller.

While the service responds to the need for efficient delivery, Muller says the main initiative is to create employment.‘We want to get as many bicycle riders as possible onboard so they can start earning a living. With the current Covid-19 unemployment grant of R350 a month, a rider can earn that in a day,’ he said.

‘For now, we are busy signing riders up and will be ready for customers as of next week.’ Although they have lined up some sponsors, Muller said,

‘The donation of more bicycles is welcomed in order to get many people employed without them worrying about buying their own bikes.’

Co-founder Caleb Thring adds, ‘We don’t just cycle through your delivery, but pedal beyond your expectations.’